I am an independent consultant.  I focus on writing content that focus on a company’s core competency, understanding the company’s business, and their customers.

My goal is to help potential customers find their website by improving their organic ranking.  It is not always possible when companies choose generic keywords/search terms.  But if a company understands their strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to design content that emphasizes their strengths.

Customers are looking for honest, reliable companies that share their business values.  I can help your company with content that search engines will index to result in relevant results.

I don’t recommend technical gimmicks to improve your organic ranking.  It is standard procedure for search engines to tweak their algorithm so that these technical tricks no longer work.  Instead, I focus on the long term strategy of providing good, relevant, meaningful content that internet users are searching for on the internet.

If you would like help improving your organic ranking through content, please contact me.